Where we are and how to get there

The San nicolò campsite is in Lido di Venezia. One of the two islands that divide the Venetian lagoon from the sea. We can easily be reached in 35-40 minutes both by “vaporetto”, the lagoon’s bus, and by ferryboat to arrive by bike or with your camper, caravan, van motorbike, or bicycle.

To arrive by vaporetto, you can embark from several different points: from the S. Lucia train station, from Piazzale Roma or from Piazza San Marco and always getting off at Lido di Venezia, the last stop.

If you choose the ferryboat, the only boarding pier is on the island of tronchetto and the only arrival pier is the one of San Nicolò in Lido.

For more information about the events in progress during your stay and the opportunities with tourist facilities, please visit the website for tourism in Venice: VeneziaUnica.

By following the map, you can easily reach your final destination located in the heart of Venice where your stay awaits you.